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THE BEAST is there so it’s best to be aware!

THE BEAST our new single extract from our upcoming album IN BETWEEN is OUT NOW.

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It’s a song made from the heart that we hope touches yours.

The Beast (2019 Single)

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A new album is announced for October 2019.

The Shamanics – Ella Malherbe, Sylvain Ehinger ©Colas Weber

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New EP : Awesome wave

We are proud to announce that The Shamanics are back in 2019 with new energies and a new face. This is now the songwriter Ella Malherbe who confronts her universe with the productions of Xewin. The EP Awesome Wave is released on the 22th February 2019 on Cassata Records.

Awesome Wave streaming & download links

AwesomeWave (2019 EP)

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Walk Away – Music video

Here’s the video of the new single of The Shamanics “Walk Away”.

Special thanks to Greg & P.O from Swiss Label Prod

Taken from The Shamanics album “Shamanic” released 21st October 2016 on Cassata Records.
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You Make it Hard – Music video

Here’s the video of the first single of Shamanic “You Make It Hard”.

Thanks to Imaginastudio and Christel Sonnard

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