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The Shamanics are a versatile duo with the producer Xewin (Sylvain Ehinger) and the singer-songwriter Ella Malherbe. In 2017, Xewin approaches Ella with the desire to make the project Shamanics live on after a first album with Mark Kelly (Shamanic, 2016, distr. Irascible). The duo will be releasing their new album In Between on the 11th of October 2019 (distr. Phonag), which blends Ella’s soft and rebel voice, full of passion, mystery and rawness to Xewin’s analogue sounds and syncopated rhythms.

For the past two years Ella and Xewin have been working together on this new album. They have been crafting these songs and blending genre contrasts whilst showcasing complex and diverse landscapes with simplicity. Connecting reality and dreams, nature and technology, spontaneity and meticulous work, In Between reflects upon societal questionings.

Navigating across Synthwave and Electropop, with sometimes urban and rock influences, In Between is a balance without compromise.



In Between (2019 LP)
The Beast (2019 Single)
AwesomeWave (2019 EP)
Walk Away
Walk Away (2017 single)
Shamanic (2016 LP)
You Make It Hard (single)
You Make It Hard (2016 single)