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In 2016, the Swiss music scene witnessed the birth of an unexpected and innovative creature. Straight out of machines and synths of the electronic music producer Xewin (Sylvain Ehinger) and supported by the voice of songwriter Mark Kelly, The Shamanics released their first album Shamanic and spread their vibes across the country through the support of numerous radio stations (Repérages Couleur 3, SRF Virus, SRF3, Rete 3, Rhône FM, Radio Fribourg, Radio X, Kanal K, …)

In 2019, The Shamanics are back with brand new productions and a new voice. The singer/songwriter Ella Malherbe is now adding her universe to the intricate productions of Xewin. On stage, the drummer Ritchie Perez brings his dynamic and sharp play in.

The trio’s musical universal remains always characterized by electronic sounds and genre contrasts. Indeed, the band’s ethos lies somewhere between nature and technology, consciousness and imagination, algorithms and mysticism. 



AwesomeWave (2019 EP)
Walk Away
Walk Away (2017 single)
Shamanic (2016 LP)
You Make It Hard (single)
You Make It Hard (2016 single)

Press pictures

The Shamanics- Sylvain Ehinger, Ella Malherbe, Ritchie Perez ©Christian Chaney – VertigoPix
The Shamanics – Ritchie Perez, Ella Malherbe, Sylvain Ehinger ©Christian Chaney – VertigoPix